Women In Engineering & Computer Science

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Women in engineering leaders and Motorola  


Program Activities 


  • WIE/CS Kick-Off Celebration: Held at the Motorola Solutions Plantation Facility, students have the opportunity to network with peers and professional engineers and begin building a comprehensive support system that will provide guidance and assistance as they navigate their academic program. 


  • Mentoring: There is a great need for colleges/universities to support female students in STEM majors in order to recruit, retain and advance their academic success.  


  • An Industry Mentor will be assigned to a junior/senior/graduate student in the program.  In turn, these students will serve as Peer Mentors to the freshman/sophomore students.  Throughout the academic year, both the Industry and Peer Mentors will regularly communicate, attend various WIE/CS Program events, and meet periodically outside of the planned and structured WIE/CS Program together.


  • Monthly Meetings: During the semester, a monthly meeting will be held to allow students to check-in to share success, challenges and concerns.  This will also allow the Program Manager and Coordinator to interface more frequently with the students, provide important program announcements, secure a better gauge on how students are doing and adopt proactive measures to assist as needed.


  • Professional Development Opportunities: Seminars and workshops related to personal, academic and professional development will be held up to two times per semester.  These seminars and workshops will cover a wide variety of topics, such as effective leadership styles, developing a personal brand and career exploration.  


  • Motorola Solutions Site Visit and Facilities Tour: Students and company representatives will engage in a round table discussion that focuses on topics issues relevant to women in engineering and computer science professions, as well as take a tour of the labs and facilities at the Motorola Solutions Plantations Campus. 


  • Bi-Weekly Study Weekly Study Sessions with Tutors: WIE/CS participants will have dedicated space in Engineering East to meet bi-weekly to study together.  In addition, tutors from various engineering and computer science disciplines will be available to assist the participants with their studies during the bi-weekly study sessions.


  • Volunteering: WIE/CS participants will have the opportunity to volunteer at local middle and high schools and meet female STEM students. WIE/CS volunteers will talk about best practices to follow in a STEM college/career path and participate in different STEM activities with the students.


  • WIE/CS volunteers will also participate in a day of service in Spring 2020 at Boca Helping Hands.